Emergency Auto Locksmith Services in London

Rapid changes in vehicle security systems over recent years mean that the skills required to complete car lock repairs in London are more varied than they've ever been. There's no need to worry though - the Frank's Locksmith Services team includes specialist vehicle locksmiths who're able to fix a wide range of broken or damaged car locks. Better yet, there's a fast response service available seven days a week and your technician will come to you.

How a Broken Vehicle Lock is Dealt With

Your technician will

  1. Assess the problem - and determine if the lock is repairable or if it needs to be replaced
  2. Complete repairs as necessary - Technicians travel in a vehicle kitted out as a mobile workshop, so most problems can be resolved in the spot
  3. Replace or reprogram locks if required - It's generally possible to do this in such a way that your existing keys will still work

The Kind of Lock Repairs Completed

Book a service not just for a damaged car lock but also for vans, caravan, motorbikes, mopeds, or motorhomes. Modern-day auto locksmiths work with most vehicle types and with electronic key fobs, mechanical keys and transponder keys. Some of the problems commonly resolved include:

  • Keys stuck in locks - The key is removed, the lock assessed, and any underlying faults repaired
  • Stiff locks - Technicians can clean or oil locks, disassemble them, tighten loose parts, or replace worn ones
  • Immobilised vehicles - Your locksmith will trace faults in transponder keys and replace or reprogram chips or vehicle databases
  • Transferring transponder chips - If the mechanical part of a transponder key is broken, this avoids the need for reprogramming the database

A Secure Service

Being stuck at the roadside with an unusable vehicle is an uncomfortable experience. To minimise the stress of this, Frank's Locksmith Services's service standards include:

  • Background checks on all our experts, including DBS and reference vetting
  • All technicians travel in branded vehicles and wear a recognisable uniform so you can identify your assistant as they approach you
  • Your service is delivered under insurance, and both labour and any components used are guaranteed

When You Need an Auto Locksmith

  • Use our central support line to request a free quote for car lock repairs in London
  • Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • In an emergency, your locksmith will be dispatched as soon as you confirm that you'd like a service - expect them to arrive within 30 minutes

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