Successful Broken Key Removal in London

When you’ve got a broken key issue that’s left you frustrated and stranded – don’t panic! Frank's Locksmith Services has a team of professional London locksmiths equipped with specialist broken key removal tools ready and waiting to help you.

Broken Key Remedies

Using non-destructive entry methods as far as possible your technician will remove the broken keys without causing any further damage to the locks:

  • Lubricating sprays will be applied to minimise friction and grating
  • Extractor tools will be used to remove the snapped key pieces
  • De-icing solutions will be administered if your key has frozen in the lock
  • Lock-picking and manipulative measures will be taken to free the key
  • New keys and duplicates will be cut on-site

Why Do Keys Break in The Lock?

There’s a whole range of problems that cause keys to snap – and they can happen whether you’re at home, work, or in your vehicle! Common issues include:

  • The lock is lacking in maintenance
  • Excessive force has been used to try and open the lock
  • General everyday wear and tear causing the key to erode
  • The damaged lock breaks the key

British Standards Requirements

  • Our locks and accessories all meet current industry rules and regulations
  • Quality controllers monitor and assess us ongoing to ensure we conform
  • Your fully insured service comes with a six-month guarantee
  • Only fully trained and highly qualified technicians will carry out your service

Make Your Booking 24/7

We understand the need for you to get assistance as soon as possible when you find yourself in an urgent security situation – if you need to find somewhere you feel safe we’ll arrange to meet you there.

  • Get a rapid response emergency call out in 30 minutes, traffic permitting
  • Get in touch with us at any time as our customer care team is here 24 hours a day
  • Get a free quote without any obligation for your broken key removal service in London
  • Get a same-day or short notice appointment on any day of the week

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