Help to Get Your Locked in Car Keys Back in London

Left in the boot or still in the ignition, if you've looked keys in your car in London you might think you're going to have a big problem getting them back. It might not be as bad as you think. Call Frank's Locksmith Services and we'll dispatch an auto locksmith who'll get your keys back with no fuss and almost always with no damage to your locks either.

Services for All Situations

There are lots of reasons why you may be locked out of your car, and how your locksmith will resolve the situation will always depend on your specific circumstances. The process followed is broadly similar, however:

  1. Your locksmith will make a careful assessment of the situation before taking any action
  2. They'll release your locks using the least damaging method available
  3. Once the door is open, the lock will be assessed to confirm that it's undamaged
  4. If there is a problem with the lock itself this will be resolved
  5. If you now have access to your keys, your service will end.
  6. When you need a new key cut or any alterations to your locks this can generally be done on the spot

Help For Any Sort of Vehicle Lockout

As vehicle locking systems have developed, the ways in which it's possible for people to get locked out have become ever more varied. Your technician will help out with all of the variants, including:

  • Key and locking problems for cars, vans, caravans, mopeds, and other vehicles
  • Keys locked in the ignition or in the boot of your vehicle
  • Problems with central locking systems leading to a lockout
  • Failed transponder keys refusing to open doors or mobilise the engine
  • Immobiliser issues

Safety and Quality Assurances

Waiting outside of your locked vehicle for a stranger to rescue you isn't nice. We understand that. Don't worry:

  • Your lock specialist is a fully reference and DBS-vetted individual
  • Technicians travel in branded vehicles and wear uniform
  • Your work is completed under insurance cover and is fully guaranteed
  • Services are delivered where you need them - at your home, workplace, or at the roadside

Get Quotes and Book Anytime

  • Our customer service and auto locksmiths are available around the clock, seven days a week
  • Get a quote for retrieving your locked in car keys in London anytime
  • Confirm your service request in a single call
  • Your technician will be with you in approximately half an hour

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