Get a Fast and Reliable Lock Change in London

Call us now for your lock change in London and if the work is urgent, Frank's Locksmith Services will dispatch a technician the moment you confirm you need a service. Of course, not every lock replacement needs an emergency service, so you're equally welcome to schedule your appointment for a time that suits you.

The Steps Involved in Lock Replacement

Your technician will arrive with all the tools needed to complete a lock replacement, as well as a range of commonly used locks. So, in most instances, all the work gets done in a single session. The process followed may vary slightly depending on circumstances but usually involves the following stages.

1. Your locksmith will check to see that you do indeed need a replacement lock

If the one you currently have is suitable for its location, has a minor fault, and there's not been a security breach, it may be that a repair will do the job just as well and be less expensive.

2. If the lock needs changing, your locksmith may:

  • Change the inner barrel only or change the whole lock with a similar type - either of these will restore security if keys have been stolen
  • Upgrade to a stronger mechanism - this may be done because the old lock was inadequate or because an insurance company has requested it

Whatever Kind of Lock You Need

From privacy locks for your bathroom through to multi-point high-security locks, your locksmith can change them all. Some of the jobs most frequently completed include:

  • Changing barrels on Yale locks
  • Replacing faulty multi-point locks on uPVC doors
  • Changing faulty rim or cylinder locks
  • Updating weak locks with stronger ones to improve your security

A Team to Trust

  • Your technician will be a fully qualified professional who delivers your service under insurance
  • All tradesmen are reference-vetted, skill-checked, and subject to DBS clearance before being sent to work with customers
  • The kind of door to be secured and the level of protection required is assessed before any recommendations on lock upgrades are made
  • Both labour and all components are backed by guarantee

Get a Personalised Quote

  • Just call - describe the lock change in London you need to get a price
  • Our customer support line is staffed around the clock
  • Appointments are offered on weekdays and at weekends
  • In an emergency, you'll only wait about 30 minutes for your locksmith to arrive

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