Fresh Lock Fitting in London By the Specialists

When there's no choice but to get a new lock, the whole process doesn't need to be a stressful one. With Frank's Locksmith Services, you'll be getting a swift and convenient service for fresh lock fitting in London. One that's delivered by trained and experienced professionals. And which comes to you under a full guarantee which lasts for the next six months.

Give us a call now and tell us how we can make your service better for you. We already work seven days a week and offer round-the-clock phone support, so we'll fit in easily with your schedule.

New lock installation services giving you the support you need

  • Staff who are highly trained, qualified and experienced - just the sort of team we hope you're looking for!
  • Branding on uniforms and clearly displayed ID badges make it easy to trust the expert who arrives to help you
  • Your locksmith will have dealt with a system and a property just like yours before
  • Start with a free quote without obligation - no hidden prices here!
  • Six months' worth of guarantee protection ensuring the quality of work we deliver

More details about your service

Sometimes you'll be in a real hurry to secure your property. It's an emergency situation, and you can't afford to wait around. In this case, we can usually be with you within the hour, armed with everything we need to quickly fit a new lock on any door you might have.

If the situation is slightly more relaxed, we're pleased to send one of our experts around at a convenient time in order to talk to you about the locking system that you want to fit before your actual appointment. This is by no means a requirement - if you know what you want we'll simply arrive and install - but it can be a useful addition to a service. One which we're happy to provide.

Professional locksmiths

You'll only ever receive work from experienced and certified local locksmiths who've received extensive training. All work is fully guaranteed, and all of our staff have had their work histories carefully reference-checked. In short, if you need a team to rely on - you can't really do much better!

Set up your service now

You'll find our friendly support advisers staffing our phone lines at all hours of the day and night. One call is all it takes to get in touch with us - and you'll always be able to quickly arrange:

  • Your entire appointment, whether that's for a weekday or weekend
  • A free quote without committing yourself to using our services
  • The provision of any more information that you might need - whatever it is!

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