Affordable Lock Fixing in London

In our often throwaway society, it's easy to forget that sometimes fixing things is better than replacing them. If you have good quality locks, calling on Frank's Locksmith Services for lock repair in London may be an affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible alternative to replacing a lock that still has years of secure service left in it.

How Your Lock Repairs Are Delivered

Your service is delivered in two stages - the first being an assessment of the problem, the second being repair or advice.

Assessment - Your locksmith will determine why the lock isn't operating as it should and assess the cost-effectiveness of repairs. They'll also check to see that the mechanism is a suitable type for the place where it's being used.

Repair - Many repairs are simple adjustments - sometimes all that's required is cleaning or oiling. When broken parts need replacing there's a good chance your locksmith will have them and will be able to do the whole job there and then.

Advice - In rare cases, the lock may be too damaged to be reliably repaired, repairs may be more costly than replacement, or the lock may be too weak for the use it's being put too. If any of these apply your technician will advise you accordingly.

What Kind of Locks Can be Fixed?

Call for a service on:

  • Deadbolts and mortice locks
  • Euro cylinders or cam locks
  • Multi-point locks
  • Doorknob locks, window locks, furniture locks

Here's a few examples of the sorts of jobs most commonly completed:

  • Cleaning or oiling dirty lock mechanisms - sometimes that's all it takes!
  • Realigning latches and strike plates
  • Re-securing locks after a forced entry
  • Tightening loose screws or adjusting faulty mechanisms

Locksmiths to Trust

  • You'll be visited by a fully qualified, certified and experienced professional who makes your security their priority
  • All workers are reference-vetted and skill-checked, and Frank's Locksmith Services operates an ongoing quality monitoring program
  • Your work and any components used to deliver it are both backed by a six-month guarantee
  • Wherever possible your work is completed at a single appointment

Keeping It Simple

Whether you're looking for domestic or commercial, urgent or planned lock repairs in London, you'll use the same 24/7 number to get in touch:

  • Request a free quote at no obligation
  • Confirm your service request instantly
  • When you need urgent assistance your locksmith will be with you within half an hour

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