What to Do When You Can't Open a Safe in London

Go from jammed safe to open safe in London with the expert help of Frank's Locksmith Services technicians. Book this service for your domestic or commercial unit, arrange your appointment for any day of the week, and know that access to your safe's contents will be achieved by the least damaging technique possible.

How Safe Opening is Delivered

The first stage is a careful assessment of the safe type and the nature of the fault. After this your service will progress through steps, starting with the gentlest and progressing to more extreme measures where necessary.

Sometimes electronic safes simply need a change of battery. On other occasions, a fault in wiring or software needs to be traced and remedied. Less secure safes can sometimes be bounced, and some have factory override codes which will open the door.

When the key has broken in the lock of a mechanical safe your locksmith will remove it and may be able to cut another on the spot. Picking the lock to release the latch is also possible. Manipulation of combination safes is also offered.

When none of the above methods will work, or if you're in a hurry, your locksmith can drill out the safe.

The Type of Vaults and Strong Boxes Serviced

Most types and models of safes and strong boxes are serviced. Including:

  • Home floor safes
  • Hotel wall safes
  • Digital keypad models and other electronic safes
  • Keyed and combination mechanical safes
  • Stand-alone domestic safes
  • Commercial vaults

Dedicated Technicians

  • Your safe technician will be a qualified locksmith who's undergone advanced training in safe technology
  • All workers are fully reference-vetted and subject to DBS checks
  • Safes are opened using non-damaging techniques whenever possible
  • You'll always be consulted before potentially destructive methods are employed
  • You can however, request a service that gets the safe open using the fastest possible means

Just so you know - your technician may need to see some identification from you before opening a safe for you. We're sure you can understand why!

Find Out More

To get your free quote on safe opening in London just give us a call and answer a few very quick questions about the type of vault you have and the problem you're having with it:

  • Assuming you're happy with the price, go on to confirm your appointment there and then
  • If the situation is urgent, a same-day service option is available

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